Mobile Labs

7" Android Tablet Classroom Mobile Lab

Outdoor Tough Digital Camera Mobile Lab

This rugged lab includes 8 16MP waterproof, shockproof Olympus cameras, one high powered 16MP and 50x WideZoom Olympus camera, Gorillapod flexible tripods, extra battery power, high quality 16MB Class 10 memory cards and more.
Toshiba Waterproof Video Mobile Lab - Video cameras for the whole class!

Everything you need in one portable package. Roll in the crate, start recording video, then build projects on the computer!
Standard Digital Camera Lab

A mobile crate filled with your digital dreams! Get 15 digital cameras and all the accessories you need in one protective, easy to transport case! Perfect for elementary classrooms.
Advanced Yearbook & Photography Club Digital Camera Mobile Lab

This lab is configured for advanced yearbook and photography club users needing the power, performance and portabilty of the Olympus SP series cameras
Beginner's Yearbook & Photography Club Digital Camera Mobile Lab

Save money and solve your school's need for digital cameras with Tool Factory’s yearbook and Photography Club Digital Camera Lab. This versitle lab has 6 GE x400 Power Pro series cameras, Gorillapod flexible tripods, beefy memory cards and everything else you need to take great photos for your yearbook or in your photography club.
Multimedia Mobile Lab

The Tool Factory Multimedia Mobile Lab gives you a great way to utilize four innovative forms of digital media allowing for a seamless crossover between subjects.
Podcasting Mobile Lab

Roll in the crate and start podcasting with video!