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"This is the most fun I've ever had at a staff-development day!"

Attend one of our hands-on training workshops to discover what an indispensable educational tool the digital camera can be. You'll leave with your own Olympus digital camera and lots of ideas for using it in your classroom, on field trips, and at home. Students and teachers can take quality photos for magazines, newspapers, flyers, lab reports, worksheets, presentations, bulletin boards, and more. We'll teach you how to download images onto your computer, and then train you to build creative projects with your images.

Almost as soon as the training begins, you'll have a camera in your hands. We encourage loud talking, heckling, and random button-pushing during this seminar. Your first assignment is to take a picture and then playback your photograph on the camera's monitor. Once you've shot a few pictures, we'll teach you about the various photography modes by trying out each one. We'll explore resolution by first taking a picture on half resolution, then taking a picture on full resolution.

Once you've grasped the basics, we'll teach you about Macro photography and send you outside (if it's sunny!) to take some close-ups using Super Macro. Finally we'll take a panorama shot and then "stitch" together 5 different photos into one massively long scene.

Soon you'll have many pictures to work with, so we'll turn our attention to the computer. Be careful what you take a picture just may end up on the projector for the whole class to see! Using the Olympus MasterSoftware which comes with every Olympus camera, we'll transfer the pictures through the computer's USB port. Just plug the camera cable into the computer, and boot Olympus Master . Within 30 seconds, you'll be making slide shows, cropping excess pixels, and adjusting your pictures for perfect lighting. We'll even show you how to draw a mustache on your partner. After a brief review of photo touch-up, we'll start building projects.

The first half of the seminar covers photography, the second half centers on project building. We'll create interactive worksheets, websites and button-linked presentations using Tool Factory software and digital photographs. Link to the Digital Camera Projects area of Tool Factory's website, and take a gander at all the project possibilities. Of course, you'll only get to pick one or two projects for the seminar, but our website link is always active. You're welcome to come back at any time for free ideas and templates to download throughout the school year.

Select any or all of the following products for your seminar:

Tool Factory Workshop, includes a Word Processor, Painter, Spreadsheet, and Database. With Five-Star reviews, and an Editor's Choice Blue Ribbon award you can't go wrong. You're going to love Tool Factory Workshop! Learn about desktop publishing. We'll create worksheets by assembling pictures, rotating them, adding captions, clip art, and even audio and video to your projects. This will be your first software choice for the Elementary grade levels.

If you selected MultiMedia Lab V as your software, then we'll build websites or web-style presentations. We'll show you how to build a web project in an hour. You'll combine pictures, text, audio, and video into a web-ready project, for easy publishing to the internet. But you won't have to write a single line of code. The program generates the programming for you! This is the software you will select for middle and high school grade levels.

Beginners School of Photography- $499 per person (includes 6.0 MP digital camera, software and training)

Advanced School of Photography - $999 per person (includes 8.0 MP digital camera, software and training)

Call 1-800-375-6549 for a price quote if you need more cameras, or more than one software package.

Look at all the great stuff you get to keep after the seminar:

  • An Olympus FE Series Camera (beginners) or EVOLT E-500 (advanced) Digital Camera.
  • A Tool Factory Software product of your choice. School seminars get a whole site license.
  • A bound Training Manual for each attendee which is jam-packed with camera basics, teaching ideas, and all the training and tips you need to put that camera to work in your school the next day.
  • A 30-day free subscription to Elementary Zone. Click on the link to This site includes over 100 activities in English, science and math.

Point and Shoot - The Olympus FE Series is Tool Factory's favorite pick for teachers and classroom use! Our trainers discovered the picture quality is top notch on the Olympus line. With 4.0 megapixels we were able to make photo-quality 11"X14" prints. Beautiful color, macro mode, panorama, 6X zoom, and video make this feature-rich camera unbeatable, and a great value for the price.

Yearbooks and Photography Class - The Olympus EVOLT E-500 Digital SLR is definitely Tool Factory's favorite pick for yearbook and school photography departmental use. Our trainers love the picture quality, and we use these camera models for all of our internal production work. With 8 megapixels we are able to capture outrageous detail in every shot, with little effort. We've printed poster-sized blow ups without any noticeable quality loss. The high resolution also makes these cameras ideal for print projects such as yearbooks, school photos, and brochures. The wide angle lens captures stunning scenics, and zoom accessories are available for close-up sports shooting. It's easy enough for beginners, and feature-complete for professionals.